January 2021

Activity Spark

Cats, Splats and Elvis!

We have some inspiring creative and cultural activities for you and your residents in this months Activity Spark. It is the birth month of two well know creatives, the legend that was Elvis Presley born January 8th and abstract expressionist artist Jackson Pollock born January 28th. Our ‘Inspired By’ resource explores the work of Pollock and provides some tips and suggestions so your residents can create their own expressionist splatter artwork!

Our video this month is a short film about Elvis’s early years and rise to success ‘A Boy From Tupelo: A Short Film about Elvis’
We hope you enjoy this months activities and Wish you all a Happy 2021.

A Boy From Tupelo: A Short Film about Elvis. The film explores Elvis’s early career and rise to fame between 1953-1955. Elvis would of been 86 this year, his fans still celebrate his birthday on January 8th.

This Month’s Cause

The Scottish Wildcat is the world’s rarest cat.

Wildcat Haven is a grass roots, community driven conservation project. They are the only Scottish wildcat conservation group focused solely on saving the wildcat in the wild where it belongs. The Scottish wildcat evolved from a population of European wildcats which became isolated by the English Channel over 9000 years ago. They are the largest of the wildcat family and can be double the size of a domestic pet cat and infinitely more ferocious.

See our resources and have a cat themed fundraising ‘Caturday’ so your care home can adopt a Scottish Wildcat and help to save these beautiful and rarest of cats.

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