5 Spring crafts ideas

5 Spring crafts ideas

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“Spring unlocks the flowers to paint the laughing soil.”
Reginald Heberg


We compiled some great maker tutorials for you to help you and your residents get creative, so lets jump into Spring with the easy and resourceful 5 Spring crafts ideas we have gathered!

All these crafts are created by craft bloggers who all have fantastic Spring crafts ideas and tutorials providing inspiration to get everyone making this Spring!

1. Bird Houses 

One of the most evocative sounds of Spring is the sound of birds singing at dawn and dusk, these easy to make recycled bird houses not only look great, but with a bit of bird seed may encourage some birds to nest in your gardens!

We hope you trying building some of these birdhouses for your feathered friends from Connie Kresin. You can paint them in bright and cheerful colors to welcome the spring season, tag your pictures we would love to share them on our instagram

Bottle Birdhouses

2. Spring paintings

Spring wildlife and flowers are a feel good and cheery inspiration for creating artwork and a favourite of our 5 Spring crafts ideas. This painting activity could be matched with a gardening reminiscence to extend the activity and get everyone thinking and recalling the joys of the outdoors in Springtime.

So get out the paintbrushes and create some spring-inspired paintings. You can paint birds, flowers, trees or anything that reminds you of the season. There are some great tutorial over at Step by step painting.

Spring Bee Painting Tutorial

3. Butterfly mobile

Make this lovely butterfly mobile using construction paper, glitter, and string by Makeandtakes. Hang it up in your room or outside to add a touch of spring to your communal areas. Print out some photographs of common butterflies to your habitat for inspiration. A-Z of Butterflies

Butterfly mobile

4. Flower crowns

Springtime wreath, create a beautiful springtime wreath to hang or wear.
Garlands have been used in many cultures across the world as symbols of purity, beauty, peace, love and passion. Traditionally they are created using cut wildflowers, but you can make your own tissue or paper flower garlands which are more mindful of the environment and the potential for allergies!
Celebrateeverydaywithme have a great tutorial for a simple wreath.

Tissue Flower Crown

Photograph – Creative Paths Tissue Wreath Workshop

5. DIY garden markers

Make your own garden markers using spoons, rocks or popsicle sticks. Paint them in bright colors and label them with the name of the plant or herb. We love this resourceful idea from Jugglingactmama using wooden spoons!

Garden Markers

Remember do let us know if you try out some of our recommendations for 5 Spring crafts ideas at @creativepathscic

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Have a great Spring and enjoy these Spring crafts ideas!

Karyn Stavert – Programme Director
Creative Paths (EM) CIC

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