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10 Years of Arts, Culture and Learning in Care Settings

Creative Paths create positive social consequence through providing a unique offer that provides opportunities for residents to socially engage with each other, to talk about memories, share stories, and to bond through creativity. It softens social barriers and helps people to find common ground.

Creativity is good for health and wellbeing. Our participants enjoy and feel good during our sessions and their mood is improved.

For residents’ family and friends, they know their family members are getting an elevated level of care that values activity and promotes a good and meaningful lifestyle.

When Chris from Creative Paths is here to offer reminiscence, it is put on our weekly activity sheet are residents are really excited and look forward to the morning.

Our residents enjoy listening and being in the warming social environment that Chris provides, our residents enjoy the social side, the conversations and the connection that is created.

Creative Paths provide lots of interesting memorabilia that evokes happy and meaningful memories, this goes hand in hand in boosting esteem and emotional needs for our residents here at Lancaster Grange giving feelings of happiness and fulfilment.

Creative Paths is a wonderful organisation, we have been so lucky to have them visit our home on many occasions, and we always look forward to their next visit.

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