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Reflect, Set and Go!

The Covid-19 pandemic made 2020 a year of uncertainty and unique challenge for activity professionals and the people they care for. Social distancing and shielding affected much needed recreational and social activities, and many resident’s activity programmes were significantly reduced. No one could have seen or planned for the events that have impacted on the well being of those living in care. However, across the UK and abroad, activity and care professionals, charities and communities came together to make the best of an awful year. Adapting quickly to change, supporting residents in isolation and making use of new technologies. So with all the new skills and experiences gained let’s get ready to create a great activity plan for your care home for 2021!

Carer and Resident

There has been an abundance of dedication and great activities delivered in the social care sector this year. So with the end of the year in sight, now is a great time to consider your achievements and reflect on how you can use your experiences to inform your activities for next year.


First, reflect on what you have achieved this year. Identify how you have developed your skills and adapted your work practice to meet the challenges of the pandemic.

Ask yourself, were there any unexpected success stories that came from having to adapt to the restrictions this year? How will I take forward my successes and achievements to inform next years programme?

Creative Paths Zoom Reminiscence with Chris Boote.
Creative Paths Zoom Reminiscence with Chris Boote.

You can use a self-reflection tool such as Gibbs Reflective Model, our download will also help you.

Use this model for any activity or event, it is also a useful exercise to do before your supervision. To identify any additional support or training you need to help you achieve your programme goals.

Lets get ready to reflect on 2020

Self-reflection will help you recognise the positives that have come from this year’s challenges and changes. It will enable you to put in place more informed activities for the people that you support.


So now you have reflected, let’s get ready for you to identify your goals and intentions for your activity programme for 2021!

When planning your goals make sure that they are SMART.

Lets get ready to set SMART goals

For Example:

SMART planning for ‘Life Story Work’

The goal is to ensure that all staff have a good understanding and knowledge of the main life events of each resident.

Specific — A album for each resident showing their major life events with their photographs and quotes.

Lets get ready to reminiscence

I remember listening to Dick Barton on the Radio when I was a child, mother would call us in saying “Dick Bartons on the radio!” afterwards we would all meet on the close and talk about his adventures!

Measurable Once created albums will be celebrated and shared in a display/exhibition.

Achievable – This will be a major project that I have the support of my manager to achieve.

Realistic – There is sufficient time, resources and budget to complete the project.

Time-bound – The albums will be complete and made available for viewing in May.

Consider how you will measure the impact of your activity. Any intervention that you make as a professional will have an impact on your residents, our resource will help you.

If you can evidence an activity’s merits then you can demonstrate its value to your residents, managers and care teams.

Let’s Get Ready to Go – 2021

Lets get ready for 2021

There is hope with an approved vaccine that in 2021 we will be able to provide more social activities. We will be able to safely open our care homes to families, volunteers and outside providers again. So let’s get ready and look forward with optimism, and make good use of the opportunities, skills, experiences and connections we have learned and gained in 2020. You have all the tools to create a great activity plan for your care home in 2021!

Karyn Stavert

CEO Creative Paths EM CIC – Proud to be a Not for Profit



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